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One has to think of all those facets before falling in love? There are so many, caste, class, religion, sex, AGE! I have been dating a woman who has been married, divorced, with two kids and is OLDER than me. But how does one not realize those traits and look make no sense for the one in love? Perhaps it was against the social norms and which is why the director decided not to portray it or perhaps for the sake of the storyline. She naturally has a knack to handle and shape up the life of her kiddos, she will embrace you too in the warmth of her motherly affection, direct you, guide you and change you for the better. 10 years, she is 10 years elder to you.” This banter followed once the news broke to my friends. Image Credit: Pexels " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ Yes, older women are mature and that adds to the point, dating an older woman shouldn’t be a taboo. They are independent, self-sufficient and I know it. Why just the other day when we happened to bump into my BFFs at the restaurant, she cleverly made it look business-like, so much that my friends were tricked into believing it. And, much like younger women, this one doesn’t perish with lesser attention. They don’t need flowery words or even flowers to please them, they are just hungry for affection.Of course, the real reason was hardly that dramatic, merely tragic. "He should hear it from me."The boy wiggled on the couch, one eye opening sluggish, defying him even by simply waking early. " The boyish tone was filled with sleepy confusion.Mycroft stared at the young boy slumbering, sprawled across the couch, a half-sized Violin clutched to his chest. ""Not yet." The doctor glanced at the eighteen year old. Mycroft tensed, but went to crouch next to the child."Bonjour, 'Lock," Mycroft greeted his younger brother.Their parents had died, but it seemed that only Sherlock was allowed to grieve."I've made my decision, Missus Laura," Mycroft said coldly.

The doctor watched the Holmes' boys mourn their parents, and sighed, stepping back to give them privacy.."Are you sure, Mycroft? She carded her fingers through his thick brown hair, messing up the product-filled style.Gregory Lestrade just wants the four year old to stop sneaking into crime scenes, and maybe for Mycroft to give him his number. Gregory Lestrade just wants the four year old to stop sneaking into crime scenes, and maybe for Mycroft to give him his number. Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock, it is the property of it's respective owners.I have not, and will not make any money off of this work at any point, nor do I claim the character's as my own.. Mycroft Holmes dropped out of college, two years into his degree and only one course shy of graduating three years early.Image Credit: Pexels " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ Our relationship was swaying on one end because of my persistent mood swings.Mrs Morgan, however, wasn’t going to give up on me that easily and so she sought a solution.

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