Updating firmware kodak digital picture frame

Today with live LCD views with a 100% electronic interpretation of reality, we've lost another layer of skill and added an extra layer of dependence on technology.

Instead of focusing on taking pictures, we are constantly second guessing ourselves because we are dependant on the camera to make adjustments for us.

The same would be true if the camera looked great, but was functionally and ergonomically awkward.

Because the X100T can take great pictures AND because of the way the camera looks and feels, the X100 series has been a big success with all types of photographers.

After seeing with our eyes through an optical viewfinder, we begin to see the subtle differences in light colour and quality (early morning, high noon, late evening, cloudy, shadows, etc.) and also the stop difference between highlights and shadows.

For example, the Sony A6000 is less than half the price of the X100T (8 vs 99 as of Feb 2015), same size sensor, better specs, faster AF, interchangeable lenses, and will destroy the Fuji when it comes to video recording. I argue that there are some features that many photographers value above specifications or a price-performance quotient, such as the unique and powerful hybrid viewfinder.If the X100T was big and ugly like a DSLR, it wouldn't be as successful (sorry DSLR fans, but DSLRs are rarely sexy looking...functional and purposeful yes, but sexy is a big NO, except for older mechanical film bodies).When form and function are perfectly balanced, a camera can be conducive to great photography.Most creative pursuits (as well as athletic ones) involve the human emotion: the way we feel affects the way we think and how we perform.

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