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When talking a woman on Facebook, you must be a masculine guy and not use or copy her girly, cute, feminine style of communication. Women are attracted to a man’s masculinity and turned off when a guy is too feminine in his approach, behavior and thinking.

Some guys mistakenly believe that if their messages are “cute,” sweet and full of compliments that a woman will be much more open to talking with them. The more you behave like her, the less interested she will be in talking to you.

To get a woman to feel attraction for you and want to meet you in person, you need to maintain a balanced life rather than just focusing on her or spending all night chatting to people on Facebook.

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Just like flirting in real life, there is an art to flirting on social media sites such as Facebook.However, being liked as a friend by a woman is not the same as having her feel attraction and desire for you, or making her want to meet you in person and have sex with you.For a woman to want to be more than “just friends” with you, she needs to feel sexually attracted to you and the bottom line is if you’re just being a sweet, friendly guy who only wants “to talk” online, she will enjoy the attention while she goes out in real life and has sex with a real guy.If you’re not a weirdo, then you would of course say, and would instead be attracted to feminine, sexy women.The same applies when talking to women on Facebook: They are not going to feel attracted to you if you behave like a girl.

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