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who listen carefully, hear everything you say and understand all instructions the first time...himself and knows what you need to be successful and knows that one of those things is not another head coach in the AD's office; who can say "No" to the bigger schools that want you on their schedules; who understands deep down that despite Title IX, all sports are not equal...

buy completely into your philosophy, put in the time in the off-season, and are eager to learn everything they can about what you are doing.

(And if my experience is any indicator, it will be a far better one than the last one, anyhow!

) *********** There’s no doubt in my mind that football is in a fight for its life, but it's got a long way to go before it’s time to call the undertaker. Talk about a sport that a softening society has no use for.


Covering 20-some high schools in our county, it devoted five pages (including the outside back cover) to ads. But of the remaining 35 pages, 31 of them (including the front cover) were devoted to pictures, stories and schedules of boys’ and girls’ basketball. And, despite the fact that our corner of the state produced two state champions last year… I sure hope that somewhere there are wrestling coaches who jumped on this one.(EVEN IF YOU'RE ALREADY RUNNING THE DOUBLE WING, I BET THERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU RUN IT BETTER) (2) DETAILED VIDEO ON HOW I TEACH THE UNDER-CENTER SNAP - IF YOU'RE A SHOTGUN GUY, WOULDN'T IT BE NICE TO BE ABLE TO SPIKE IT OR SNEAK IT?(3) A SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE STACK-I PACKAGE - I'VE BEEN RUNNING THIS FOR 20 YEARS NOW AND I'VE NEVER PUT IT ON A VIDEO.And if they disagree with you, will tell you - and nobody else..A booster club that puts its money back into the sports that earn it, and doesn't demand a voice in your team's operation...

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    Libras are great listeners, really fun, and provide balance and insight for any lost souls.