Sex chat bot in any languages

Highlights of what you’re seeing: Conversation will change the way we think about search.

Its natural back and forth process and can be powerful when done correctly.

Neil: Fetch, I need an analysis of the recent supreme court ruling on same sex marriage When the conversation starts, Fetch bot has to determine the intent of the user.

In this case, it determines that we're doing a legal query based on “supreme court ruling”.

In the example shown in the video, Fetch is helping out in a legal channel.

When answering legal queries, Fetch has access to domain specific sources (like court docs) and understands concepts specific to law (like the difference between Supreme Court rulings and regular court docs).

The bot has to understand that the user wants to refine the query based on the result returned.

In this case, take whatever the analytical level is in the current results and dial it up. The cognitive center has determined that there are no more news or commentaries on the subject that have a higher level of analysis.

The user is referring to the article that was just returned.The purpose of cognitive processing is to semantically understand it.The cognitive center gives meaning to the query and all the content in its corpus and uses its own judgement combined with its understanding of the user to fulfill the request.It wants to know if it should focus on the legal aspect and search only legal sources.If the user had answered “Yes” the bot would focus its search on court documents and legal briefs.

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