Are you listening, connecting, and responding in a way that protects and promotes your brand?

Find out how customers feel about your brand, product, or service – in their words.

Approximately 220 million Americans have Internet access at home and/or work with a growing number using the Internet for research and social media.

Online marketing communications are moving toward interactions between individuals as recipients and consumers rather than being directed from a marketing organization to masses of consumers.

After this is accomplished, determine the best media to reach the target market segments. If so, this is the time to delve into social media as a main touch point to reach this target audience.

Evaluate the company’s Unique Selling Proposition, also known as USP and how that USP relates to what and how things are delivered to the customers.It is now possible for individuals to be just as efficient in broadcasting information, both positive and negative, about a company or individual as it is for larger corporations to promote themselves such as Comcast, Del and Southwest Airlines.Companies that are using this form of communication online have been successful in responding to positive and negative cyber space information.If the target audience is between forty and fifty-five, I suggest you use all three methods to reach them.There will be some in this group who appreciate social media, but most prefer the traditional and digital media.

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