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After being on TV and doing lots of interviews when I was doing news reports, you would edit out mistakes and make people sound intelligent and clear.

RHONY isn't like that so it actually sometimes is like what we used to call in news "the blooper reel." If you say something weird or odd on RHONY it is going to be in the show.

I think there are a lot of young women who live in small towns and dream of moving to New York.

Q: What is the most frightening element of being on a reality show and putting your life out there? But when they talk about other people, that makes me anxious.

I thought he was kidding and it seemed like the oddest job but I am a single girl with bills.

Q: What's up in the new season of "Real Housewives" and who is going to emerge as the new drama queen?

Q: When it comes to television, you are hardly a lightweight and have a serious professional background as a news reporter.

Would you ever go back to that genre or is reality TV too much fun? He was so funny and despite the trouble he gets into he is very intelligent and funny and I like to laugh. A: Host Andy Cohen and I have mutual friends and he was recasting.

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