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Please do not post personal contact information, such as personal email address, mobile phone or landline numbers, schools attending, workplace or any other details which could allow someone to find out more information about you.

If you do this the moderator will contact you and you could be excluded from the forum. By entering the online community you are acknowledging the Rape crisis perspective that works towards empowering women to make informed choices about their lives.

"Thanks to this forum I came to realization that there is nothing wrong in seeking sexual fulfillment at older age," one such poster remarked.

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These values include respect for every point of view and recognition that everyone is at a unique place in the process of recovery.They searched for all the sex-related posts they could find in one full year from 14 different English-language forums across four different countries, including seven from the United States (My personal favorite forum? While these posts (2,534) only encompassed a small portion of the total input generated by the 79,665 people in their dataset, sex was an often popular topic, with some threads having over thousands of views.And though there were certainly those who objected to the very idea of talking about sex publicly, the conservations that occurred in these threads were usually equal parts enlightening and hilarious."Despite (or maybe because of) the debate regarding the legitimacy of the online sex-related discussions, one of their main characteristics was frequent commenting about the discussions’ role as a sphere for consultation and intellectual dialogue," the authors wrote."Defending the educational potential of the online discussions, some post authors emphasized their lack of exposure to sexual education earlier in their lives due to the sociocultural and historical circumstances in which they grew up."For some, sex was something they were never allowed to ask about; for others, it was a subject they now felt shame in bringing up, due to the pervasive belief, even among medical professionals, that sex should somehow stop mattering to someone past a certain age.

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