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"Kenneth Burke's Philosophy of Symbolic Action " Rev.

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 11 (1941-42): 223-26.

In the pages that follow I want to suggest that the totality of the evidence now available offers at best only ambiguous support for the chronological framework of the traditional form of the Essene Hypothesis. and early in the first, fifty or sixty years later than the consensus view.4 As the centerpiece of this reformulation, I propose to focus on a method of dating that is, in certain respects at least, more precise than any other we have.

Another synthesis is at least equally viable, one that places the Teacher late in the second century B. Scholars have employed it but little because until recent years they lacked much of the relevant material.

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denotes non-USASCII text omitted.) Shortly after the first fruits of the discovery later known as the Dead Sea Scrolls left the hands of the Bedouin, scholars began trying to explain the ultimate origin of the deposits.Before I take up that method, however, it is important to consider very briefly why none of the three conventional dating techniques necessarily supports the consensus chronology-why, therefore, none stands in the way of a first-century dating. Earlier Methods of Dating Recent studies of the archaeology of Khirbet Qumran argue that the original investigator, Roland de Vaux, was mistaken in some of his dating for the site's habitation phases.He concluded that after an Israelite-period settlement, the site was reinhabited and expanded during the reign of Simon Maccabee or John Hyrcanus I.5 In reaching the latter conclusion the French archaeologist had placed more weight on numismatics than the sparse findings for the earliest period could bear.These Essenes had departed from Jerusalem in protest of the current high priest.Leading them was a man their own texts later styled ..., conventionally translated "the Teacher of Righteousness." The group then lived out their lives in this sere setting overlooking the Salt Sea.

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