Accommodating the allergic employee in ontario

“You can get asthma because you’ve had it since you were a kid and you’re exposed to something at work that triggers an attack.

Or you can get asthma that first develops because of an allergy to something at work.

Chris Haromy, a respiratory therapist and certified asthma and COPD educator with the Ontario Lung Association, fields many calls from frustrated staffers who are having asthmatic reactions at the office.

But if that fails, the good news is, there is recourse.The office may have old, dusty carpets, mold or off-gassing from furniture.Scented products, either on other employees or from cleaning supplies and air fresheners, can set off asthma attacks in those with the disease.Scent sensitivity is becoming a growing concern for employers.Employees with scent sensitivity may experience headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating, creating circumstances where their productivity is affected, or they cannot work at the employer’s premises at all.

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